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Thermal Auricular Therapy



Ear candling is an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilisations including the Aztecs, Greeks, Romans and Mayans. 


One end of the candle is inserted just inside the ear canal whilst the other end is lit with a flame producing a chimney effect which creates a mild suction action. The movement of the flame creates a vibration of air generating a gentle massage effect on the tympanic membrane in a similar way to sound waves. 


In addition to being a wonderfully relaxing treatment in its own right, thermal auricular therapy may alleviate symptoms of:

Tinnitus    Blocked Ears    Sinusitis    Flying Discomfort    Migraine    Headaches    Hearing Problems    Relaxation    Excessive Wax    Glue Ear    Age-Related deafness    Hayfever    Candidia    Hearing Problems

I strictly do not recommend the use of ear candles if you have a perforated eardrum, tympanostomy tube implants (grommets), any inflammation or disease of the ears.

I use only the highest quality Biosun candles.   The candles themselves are hollow tubes of organically grown flax, infused with honey extract, beeswax and traditional herbs such as Sage, St Johns Wort, Camomile and pure essential oils.   

This relaxing treatment will last approximately 40 minutes.

For every first time detailed consultation I will allow an extra 20 minutes.

Indian Head Massage



Indian head massage is a very effective treatment to reduce stress and tension, aid relaxation, restore balance to the body’s natural systems, detoxify and provide relief from a wide range of common complaints. 

It offers many benefits including; stimulating and improving scalp circulation which in turn helps strengthen and grow hair, it removes tension from the jaw and smoothes out face muscles, energy increases as the circulation and respiratory systems open to provide fresh oxygen to vital organs. It helps strengthen and mobilizes the muscles, tissues and spinal nerves of the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and upper spine.

The massage techniques used will help to reduce muscle tension and encourage the removal of toxins whilst working on pressure points helping to relieve nervous tension and stress.

Various pressure massage techniques will be used on your upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, head and face to suit your requirements.

This relaxing treatment will last approximately 45 minutes.

For every first time detailed consultation I will allow an extra 20 minutes.

A course of 6 treatments with a 5ml personalised essential oil blend in a roller bottle  and healthy lifestyle suggestions to complement the treatment course - £210.

Treatments need to be pre-booked over an agreed period when purchasing the course and can't exceed 3 months. 

Try Indian Head Massage as an add on to any facial treatment for £15.