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The Glow Facial


A facial that will nurture your skin and give you a healthy beautiful glow.

Incorporating a facial steamer for an extra deep cleanse and a soothing hand massage.

A fusion of massage techniques together with stimulating certain acupressure and reflex points that are tailored to the individual will enhance the treatment and ease away any tension in the upper body.  These carefully put together techniques will encourage the blood and lymphatic flow and thereby transport more oxygen and nutrients to the face. 

Receiving this treatment on a regular basis will promote a youthful appearance of the skin.

Approximately 75 minutes including use of ARK Age Aware Skincare and, with first visits, a detailed Skincare Assessment.

The Relax Facial


A facial that will relax your face, body and mind.


Incorporating hot towel applications to ease tension and prepare the facial muscles for the massage. 

A very relaxing manipulation of the face, neck and shoulders will ease away any tightness, relax the facial muscles and can thereby help to soften any lines due to held tension.

Approximately 60 minutes using ARK Age Aware Skincare and a consultation at first visit.

A course of 6 treatments includes a bespoke treatment plan, showing you simple facial massage techniques to complement the treatment course - £270.

The treatments need to be pre-booked over an agreed period when purchasing the course and cannot exceed 3 months.

The NewGeneration Facial


A prescriptive teen facial that has been especially created to help teenagers with their hormonal skin conditions.

Incorporating a facial steamer to encourage opening the pores followed by a deep cleanse of any skin impurities.

Approximately 60 minutes using ARK Age Aware Skincare, including Skin Assessment and advice on a healthy daily skincare routine.

With all facials, the skin is first thoroughly double cleansed followed by a gentle exfoliation.
A deeply relaxing head massage is offered while the bespoke face mask will provide an extra boost of support for the skin. 
Treatments will conclude with a facial spritz and the application of a moisturiser and bespoke serum.

Please refer to the pages

TheGuaSha   |   TheReflex   |   TheZoneFaceLift

for further treatment details.


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Award Winning Skincare 

ARK Skincare

An award winning, British skincare brand, using bioactive natural ingredients, containing highly effective antioxidants, lipids and vitamins. We ensure our formulations are FREE FROM Parabens, SLS, mineral oil, S.D. Alcohol, Formaldehyde, and Artificial Colours & Fragrances. Avoiding these irritants is the fist step in achieving optimum skin health. 

As an official ARK Skincare Stockist I am selling these award winning products in my studio.

Products can be purchased directly through me.

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