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Gua Sha, pronounced 'gwah shah', is an ancient traditional Chinese massage technique using crystal tools.

The practice of Facial Gua Sha is very relaxing and helps release tension in the facial muscles, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and additionally it helps create a more sculpted youthful appearance. At the same time Gua Sha stimulates the meridians, acupressure points and both the circulatory & the lymphatic body systems to help promote a healthier body and immune system.

Facial Gua Sha is where the health of your body & skin - both inside and out - begins, the root of not only feeling amazing but having beautiful glowing skin too. 

Gua Sha is a game changer when it comes to the health and appearance of the skin. It has the most incredible effect on the microcirculation, the system just underneath the skin that transports oxygen & nutrients to the blood and removes toxins.

Practicing Gua Sha in the morning is brilliant in reducing morning puffiness & congestion, by gently encouraging the movements of lymphatic fluid, which can't flow by itself. It also releases tension in the facial muscles and soothes sore eyes & skin, making the complexion looking brighter & glowing.

Here is an example of some of the benefits of practicing Gua Sha regularly that have been observed:

​Increases microcirculation by 400%    Floods skin with nutrients    Removes toxins through the lymphatic system    Improves levels of collagen & elastin    Improves muscle tone       Reduces puffiness & congestion    Releases tension    Lifts eyebrows    Plumps lips    Sculpts and contours cheeks & jawline    Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles    Pleasurable to use    Addresses the body through reflex points on the face

Gua Sha Masterclass


This is a 3 x 60 minute group masterclass teaching Facial Gua Sha techniques that will benefit experienced and new users alike. 


You will be introduced to the Gua Sha crystal tools with the Hayo'u Method.


The classes take place in a small group, with a maximum of 6 participants, in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. 

In this masterclass you will learn how to perform the following techniques safely:


- Lymphatic drainage massage

- Warm up techniques

- Lower facial work out

- Upper facial work out

- Facial acupressure points

- How to look after the crystals

Crystals tools and Facial Oils will be provided to use during the classes, however, it would be beneficial to obtain your own Gua Sha tools and continue to practice the techniques at home to further enhance your Gua Sha techniques.

During the course you will receive a 20% discount on the Hayo'u products.

The Hayo'u products have won over 25 coveted awards within the health, beauty and wellbeing industry. The Hayo'u crystals tools are:


                        - of a very high quality that will last you a life time

                        - they are certified by the British Association of Gemologists

                        - 100% natural ingredients

The Gua Sha Facial


The skin will be thoroughly double cleansed and a hot towel application will help to ease any tension and prepare the facial muscles for the next step. This is followed by the performance of the Gua Sha technique. 

Massaging the face with the crystal tools will help stimulating the microcirculation of the skin, releasing tension in the facial muscles, encouraging the production of collagen & elastin that will help to plump up & firm skin and reducing fine lines & wrinkles making the complexion looking brighter and glowing.

Acupressure points will be stimulated to help clean facial lymph removing toxins and reducing any puffiness and release tension in that area which will help soften expression lines.

While the face mask is penetrating into the skin you will receive a relaxing head massage.

The treatment will be concluded with a facial spritz and the application of a moisturiser.

Approximately 60 minutes.

A rejuvenating course of 6 treatments on a weekly basis - £240, including a

complimentary Hayo'u Jade Beauty Restorer. I will teach you how to use the tool safely and efficiently as part of the treatment course.

Practicing the Gua Sha technique at home regularly will allow you to continue this therapeutic treatment and make the results last longer.  

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