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Masterclasses are designed to show and teach you skincare skills and techniques in simple steps and how to apply these for a professional self-care treatment.


I will teach you the best practices and techniques on caring for your skin as well as recommending you suitable products to support your skin in the best possible way.

Looking after your skin and face is the best way forward in ageing well, brightening up your complexion, giving you more self-confidence and boosting happiness hormones!

Masterclasses are ideal on a 1:1 basis, in person or virtually.

Small Group Masterclasses are available virtually only at the moment.

Virtual treatments open up the opportunity of skin care consultations that give you access to personalised recommendations from a licensed, fully insured and registered therapist, no matter where you live.

In a virtual session, you will learn how to do a home treatment from start to finish.

I offer day, evening, and weekend appointments, and we can connect via Zoom or FaceTime, whichever platform you prefer.

Simply email me to discuss further details!

1:1 Masterclass

£45 - 60 minutes

£60 - 75 minutes

£70 - 90 minutes

A bespoke holistic session.

This 1:1 Masterclass is a personalised treatment, in which I will exclusively teach you all the skills you need for a relaxing and therapeutic self-care treatment. 

You will learn how to perform a home treatment confidently from start to finish.

The 1:1 Masterclass is suitable for GUA SHA, Beauty Taping, Facial and a product consultation.

Group Masterclass

£20pp - 60 minutes

£25pp - 90 minutes

Group Masterclasses take place in a small group, with a maximum of 6 participants, in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Introducing and teaching easy to follow techniques for a continuously successful self-care treatment. 


The Group Masterclass is suitable for GUA SHA and Facial.

Gua Sha

In this masterclass you will learn how to perform the following techniques safely:

- Lymphatic drainage massage

- Warm up techniques

- Lower facial work out

- Upper facial work out

- Facial acupressure points

- How to look after the crystals

Recommended products for this session are a glass of water, facial oil, a beauty restorer and precision tool, a towel and a mirror.

Gua Sha tools can be purchased and mailed prior to the session.

The Hayo'u products have won over 25 coveted awards within the health, beauty and wellbeing industry.

Beauty Taping

In this masterclass you will learn how to apply kinesiology beauty tapes safely and efficiently.

Recommended products for this session are a glass of water, Rea Beauty Tapes, sharp scissors and a mirror.

Beauty tapes can be purchased and mailed prior to the session.


In this masterclass you will be introduced to a skincare routine tailored to your skin type and / or skin concerns to achieve the best possible outcome for a healthy glow.

An in-depth consultation will establish the necessary foundations for this treatment and the bespoke treatment plan.

You will be introduced to an easy to follow daily skincare routine and also some additional techniques, like GUA SHA, Beauty Taping, Cupping and Reflexology, depending on your skin concerns and goals.

An initial consultation is necessary prior to the masterclass.